Our Purpose

The purpose of the Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami Inc (CHWCM) is to provide primary care delivered with the patient and the community first in mind. Primary care is traditionally the point of ‘first contact’ for the patient when a medical illness, issue or concern arises.  We not only treat the patient when they are ill, but work with the patient when they are  healthy to establish strong health maintenance skills by practicing disease prevention and health education.

Demographically and Strategically Located.

CHWCMs primary care practices are organized to meet the needs of patients with undifferentiated problems, with the vast majority of patient concerns and needs being cared for in the primary care practice itself. CHWCM is located within a low income, undeserved and underprivileged community well nestled a unique are in the City of Miami leading to and from the City of Miami Municipal Compound, Downtown, Civic Center and to and from the arteries of the State Road 836 and the Palmetto Expressway thereby facilitating access to health care while maintaining a wide variety of specialty and institutional consultative and referral relationships for specific care needs.

Community Created by Outreach.

Re-structural CHCWM conducts outreach services at Films for events to educate the community at large including health and wellness to strengthen families, with a variety of venues such as health and wellness fairs during activities in public placed where people are exposed to integration of multi-cultural forms of artistic impressions, opera, ballet, symphonies, film, creative arts and dance, and all forms of the arts and education that will enhance and expose the communities as part of our wellness and family events that will educate our community on available primary health care services using a sliding fee scale methods, special discounts and programs to ensure their preventive and primary care services are met.

Strong partnerships and collaboration efforts.

We partner and collaborate with the community and other professionals in their field of expertise local, state and federal agencies and other non-profit organizations that will add to the quality of life and improve the healthcare care for these patients and their family. This will include strengthening families and exposure to healthy lifestyles. CHWCM will create and participate in all health care events and create a volunteer and community outreach team to go and inform those living in the most vulnerable populations of the available services CHWCMhas to offer.

Continuously Improving and Building Our Organization’s Infrastructure.

The structure of our primary care practice will include a team of physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. The overarching goal and intent is to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FHQC) funded by the federal, state and local agencies providing services to undeserved, uninsured, under insured and medically needy populations with Primary Health Care. We will apply and receive the Medicare and Medical ACHA accreditation creating cooperative agreements, memorandum of understandings and collaboration and partnership agreements to serve the needy and most vulnerable population.

Masiel Moreira

Founder & Chairman

I (Masiel Moreira) am a successful entrepreneur and business leader in South Florida.  My work and dedication to the community have led to being recognized by local governments where Mayors and Commissioners of both Miami and Hialeah have awarded me Proclamations for my excellent community work, specifically naming August 21st as “Masiel Moreira Day in Miami”.   I am currently nominated for the “Woman Inspiring Women Awards”.   I consider myself a kind, warm, and humble person and would like to share a little bit about myself. 

My business career took off in 2006 when I had the opportunity to create my first medical center specializing in preventive medicine and physical therapy.   Today I manage six multi-specialty clinics with over 100 employees in addition to serving other businesses that I am also passionate about.

Despite having spent 10 years in the United States without an immigration status because of mishandling of my documents, I managed to avoid getting public assistance and survived with minimal funds.  The most difficult thing for me was to “raise enough money to pay for my routine visits to the doctor which I needed because I suffered from low hemoglobin and had a constant fear that I would lose my health.”  

My passion for the medical field and the ability to help others when I was financially able to provide those services was a commitment that I never pondered on.  My passion for the medical field was born early in my life and came to fruition in the year 2013 when I created Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami Inc.  It has been my mantra to help all others because I identify with their pain.   Health to me is the most precious gift and I know that God put me in this position during this time and now its my turn to execute a mission that I am ready to fulfil. 

Through Community Health and Wellness Center of Miami we can offer various programs to those that are uninsured and underinsured such as “Free Care Friday” which provides premium health services at a very low cost and appreciated by many. 

We also founded “Pink Day”, an event where I award mammograms to low-income women as prevention against breast cancer.  Children are also my priority and with the “back to school” program we deliver backpacks and school supplies to the children.  Through the nonprofit work, we can feed families during Thanksgiving, the traditional turkey dinner, and during Christmas we hand out toys in vulnerable areas where children live and where parents must decide between basic needs or toys. During the City of Surfside building collapse, we provided meals for the rescuers working day and night. 

Throughout my journey, I have achieved everything I have set out to do because it has been a labor of love and daily commitment. It has not been easy and while I have had falls, stumbles, fears, and uncertainty, giving up was not an option.  Every day I set new goals and objectives and that is the reason today I am the most recognized and respected leader within our community.  I am truly blessed and recognize that the greatest gift from God is my daughter who is an extraordinary human being.   She has been the greatest blessing in my life.  When I see my daughter, I see myself.

“Consistency, perseverance, and respect have always been my formula for success.”

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